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How Do You Write About Music?

How Do You Write About Music? On Monday April 3, at Spiritland in Kings Cross, I’ll be discussing this pressing subject with my fellow rock hacks Laura Barton and Barney Hoskyns, alongside Tot Taylor, author of The Story Of John Nightly, the tale of a Syd Barrett type who winds up in Cornwall growing exotic plants, and Martine McDonagh, author of Narcissism For Beginners. It starts at 6.30pm and will be almost as fun as the first (and last) Annual Rock Writer’s Convention of 1973.


Balaram Pathak


I have taken up the sitar and one day hope to be able to play like this. Raag Bhopali, by one of the greatest — and most humble — masters of 20th century sitar. It is an early evening raga. Listen to it on headphones with your eyes closed. You may find yourself losing all sense of space and time as it takes you off on an inner journey.