In Perfect Harmony: Singalong Pop In 70s Britain

Here’s the new one, and it’s a big one: a social history of singalong pop in 70s Britain. It is all about taking seriously music that has historically not been taken seriously at all, from the harmony pop of the New Seekers and Middle of the Road to the brickie glam of Sweet, Slade and Chicory Tip, the teen dreams of David Cassidy and Donny Osmond to the suburban disco of Tina Charles and Hot Chocolate. All of this is set against joining Europe, the Three Day Week, the Winter of Discontent, race relations, gay rights and everything else that went on in Britain during its most troubled yet fabulous decade. Over 50 interviews with all the key figures, over a total immersion into the grime and glitz of the soundtrack to the lives of everyday kids, mums and dads, confirmed bachelor uncles and pretty much everyone else in 70s Britain. I hope you enjoy it.

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